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Rabia Kamara is a dynamic entrepreneur whose culinary ventures have become synonymous with innovation and resilience. With a background enriched by diverse experiences, including a notable victory on Food Network’s “Ben & Jerry’s: Clash of the Cones,” Rabia has consistently demonstrated her prowess in the competitive food industry. As a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and a returned Richmond local, Rabia’s deep-rooted connection to her community is a driving force behind her business endeavors.

In 2021, Rabia, alongside her fiancé Bakari Ruggiero, launched Suzy Sno, a sno-ball shop that captures the essence of New Orleans in Richmond. Despite facing significant challenges such as leaseholder issues and relocation demands, Rabia’s leadership ensured that Suzy Sno remained a beacon of innovation and quality.

Her ability to adapt and thrive under pressure was further evidenced by the strategic relocations of the shop, culminating in its promising new setup in Carytown, which is hoped to be “just right” for their flourishing venture.

Beyond the frosty treats of Suzy Sno, Rabia co-owns Ruby Scoops in Brookland Park, an ice cream shop that stands as a testament to her culinary versatility and commitment to providing unique dining experiences.

The shop’s plans for expansion and its role as a commissary space for Black, Brown, and female confectioners highlight Rabia’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive business environment.

Rabia Kamara
Rabia Kamara

Transition To Blogging And Content Focus

In 2024, Rabia embarked on a new journey as a blogger, bringing her rich background and authentic voice to the digital world. Her blog focuses on personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews, offering her audience a peek into the tools and products that meet the high standards she sets in her professional life.

Rabia’s blog entries provide in-depth evaluations of culinary tools, exploring everything from the efficacy of high-tech kitchen gadgets to the sensory delights of artisanal ingredients. Her reviews extend beyond the kitchen, encompassing a variety of lifestyle products that resonate with her vibrant personality and eclectic tastes.

Rabia’s blogging is not just about product reviews; it’s an extension of her narrative as an entrepreneur who appreciates quality and innovation. Each blog post is crafted with the same passion and precision she brings to her culinary creations, designed to inform and inspire her readers. Whether discussing the perfect consistency of a sno-ball or the ergonomic design of a new kitchen appliance, Rabia’s insights are informed by her hands-on experience and creative flair.

As Rabia continues to evolve her digital presence, her blog stands as a vibrant platform where culinary expertise meets consumer advocacy, providing her audience with trustworthy reviews and engaging content that bridges her past accomplishments with her current passions. Through this medium, Rabia not only shares her knowledge but also invites her followers into a more personal understanding of what drives her successes and how they can enhance their own culinary experiences.

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Rabia Kamara
Rabia Kamara, co-owner of Suzy Sno and Ruby Scoops, has demonstrated remarkable resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, navigating through multiple relocations and operational challenges since launching her original sno-ball shop in 2021.

Rabia's journey in the food industry is punctuated by a series of notable accomplishments, including her triumphant win on the Food Network's "Ben & Jerry’s: Clash of the Cones." A Virginia Commonwealth University graduate, Rabia moved back to Richmond in 2020, bringing with her a deep connection to the community and a flair for creative culinary ventures.

Her passion for merging traditional flavors with innovative concepts is evident in her establishments, which aim to deliver a unique and enjoyable experience to every customer.

Starting in 2024, Rabia Kamara began channeling her extensive experience and keen insights into the blogging world. Her new endeavor focuses on providing personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews.

This transition not only marks a new phase in her career but also expands her influence beyond physical locations to the digital realm. Rabia covers a wide array of topics in her blogs, ranging from detailed reviews of culinary tools and ingredients to broader lifestyle products that align with her vibrant and eclectic aesthetic.

Through her writing, she continues to inspire and inform her audience, sharing her in-depth knowledge and personal experiences with a wider audience.
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